After 7 races were sailed, JPN2862 is top of the score board so far

Race day 1. 2 races were sailed in strong Northerly condition. Many lightweight Japanese team had tough races but JPN2657, Hasegawa and Ozasa from Hamanako finished first at 2nd race of the day.

Race day 2. Japanese teams went great guns in light breeze. JPN2862, Sato and Muragishi from Enoshima finished first, JPN2765 Ikuya and Noriko Tanaka from Inage finished second at 1st race of the day. Following 2nd race JPN2862 finished first again then Kouno brothers from Hokko finished second.

Race day 3. It was light condition sometimes windless but 3 races were sailed as scheduled. After 7 race have been completed, JPN2862 are top on the scoreboard so far. AUS2848, Rob and Nicole Douglass are second by 5 point gap, JPN2765 are following by 11 point from AUS 2848.

5 race to go.

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7 races were sailed

After 7 races were sailed, We have a lay day today.
Overall results at this point and photo albums are up-to-date.

Photo albums:

Results overall:
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Uploaded today's snapshots!

Today, we held pre-skipper's meeting, opening ceremony, and welcome party.
We uploaded today's snapshots.
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Registration and Measurement

The 2nd day, we had registration and measurement.
We had a quite strong wind form NNE, because of typhoon 14th.
Some Australian went sailing but most of the sailors watched them to go sailing.

There is a today's photo album uploaded.
So check it out!

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A week until 2009 Tasar World Championship!

We are preparing web site at a rush...
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